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“With Our Thoughts We Make the World”

Gautama Buddha


Soul Coach, Spiritual Mentor 

Jackie Tyson is a soul coach and spiritual mentor who integrates creativity, spirituality, transpersonal psychology, indigenous practices, and energy work into her work. She has a Master's in Social Work and is trained in SoulCollage®, Reiki, Brainspotting., and parts work (Internal Family Systems) . She weaves all pieces of her knowledge and education when working with clients. All services are tailored to each client.


Upcoming Events


Self-Care Retreat Sat, 6/17/23, 4-6pm EST

This will be a 2 hour event for professionals wanting to get healing.  The event will include brainspotting, distance reiki. and discussion on how to do self-healing and increase intuition.  Featuring Guest shaman RJ Walker with Kindred Spirits (Winston Salem, NC).


WORKSHOP: Healing our Parts and Lineage Through Working with Ourselves and Our Ancestors 

Wed, 7/19/23 6pm-8pm EST

This workshop discuss different techniques you can use to heal your parts and ancestors using holistic and spiritual means. 

Different modalities discussed will be:

- Brainspotting

- SoulCollage®

- Photos 

- Timelines 

- Altar Work

- Ancestral visualization 

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"Through your system of weekly prompts, I started learning to think different about my life. I learned so much about privileges, boundaries, toxic relationships, and possibilities. Before working with you, I felt as if I was living in a trap every day. Then, through our work together, I learned to be confident, and learned to feel alive again.


Our work together showed me how to find solutions instead of being angry or sad or depressed about things. I know I still have much to learn and discover in my life, there are ups and downs, but one thing has never been changed, it is you, my dear Jackie, who showed me the way. You were leading me and I felt so much support on my road. Jackie is a brilliant, supportive individual and I would not ever hesitate to work together again"-- Elena M.

"I worked with Jackie during a very transitional time in my life. She really helped me to not only talk through what I was feeling but also to take action to improve my life. She helped me to make sustainable changes and really confront the emotions I was feeling and not only feel them but see what I was actually able to do about them. I highly recommend working with her and utilizing all of her knowledge." --Alexis K. 

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