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The History of Soul Sanctuary

My Journey

Living a Spiritually Awakened Life

I'm one of those people who never thought of myself as a creative or even spiritual person. It was one of those things that was a blind spot, and has taken me time to discover. 

My journey of self-discovery and spirituality started in college, when I dropped out of college and had to go against cultural & familial expectations of being a nurse. I knew before I started my college career that I wanted to help others, but felt pressure to choose this path for reasons stated above. Almost 2 decades later, after careers in public health and mental health, and doing my own personal journeywork, I am now offering healing in an integrated environment. 


I am passionate about helping others learn their own inner wisdom and breaking free from beliefs that no longer serve them. I enjoy helping discover their gifts. that they've either hidden or now starting to learn. This happens by working through beliefs and traumas that no longer serve them, and then reconnecting with one's own wisdom. 


I've learned my own gifts include being with people's pain, helping transmute it, and helping them heal. My emotions are what allow me to connect with others to help them on their own journey. 

After my father's passing, it reignited and catapulted my spiritual journey even more. I spent a lot of time working through my grief and working to heal myself and the lineages before me. Now, I integrate my education, lived experience, and guides to facilitate healing in the clients I serve. I am looking forward to working with you and supporting you on your healing journey! 


 Our Mission

The mission of Soul Sanctuary is to create a community where people can find connection and community in order to find restoration and healing. 


Our Values 









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