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SoulBird Sanctuary's 
Book Clubs

Sept Book 

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Oct Book

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A monthly book club for mental health practitioners of color 

Here we read discuss BIPOC authors and discuss themes of race, power, privilege, along with intersections of identity such as social class, ability. education, etc. 

WHEN: Last Saturday of the month 11am -1pm EST (unless otherwise noted)

WHERE: Zoom (you'll receive a link when you join)

(SILENT) Book Club 

Here we read what we want, but silently and in community

As a person who has led several book clubs, I've found that there is pressure to finish the assigned book because they believe that have to contribute something. Thankfully I found the Silent Book Club format! So here is a spin-off for us to get together, of like minded souls who love reading! 

How does it work?

  • For the first 1/2 hour we briefly name the book we'll be reading silently. Then we read silently together.

  • Then, for the next hour, people have one of two options:

    • 1- continue to read their book silently

    • 2- go into another Zoom room to discuss the optional book of the month

  • Then for the last 1/2 hour, we all come back to the main room to read silently again.​

WHEN: Last Friday of the month 7-9 PM EST (unless otherwise noted)

WHERE: Zoom (you'll receive a link when you join)

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